Scent or Skincare?

Scent or Skincare?

We have recently been asked whether we are more about scent or skincare at Menteath.

- The answer is both!

Just as much detail and thought has gone into sourcing our ingredients, the function of our ingredient on skins, the impact on growers, the needs of different skin types and tones, and of course the unique scent. Scent is a big part of who we are as a brand, however, we believe that there is a whole re-educating piece on what skincare is and what it does.

Here are some of our thoughts…

Our skin is the largest organ on the body. Yet we often treat it in isolation, focusing on what we put onto it, and what environments we expose it to. Our skin is a living breathing outcome of how we think, feel, and what we eat and drink. It is also a voluntary and involuntary expression of what is going on inside our mind and body. Overall, our skin is governed by our hormones. Our hormones are influenced by how we take care of ourselves. That is all.

Western culture has become extremely fast paced, and has progressed rapidly in the last 50 years. It is less about our physiological needs of survival, like food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep and safety. We desire more and more material possessions, hedonistic lifestyles, and have much higher expectations from ourselves and others, more than ever before. This has moved us away from our fundamental and primal connection with the land and nature. We stop listening to what the earth is offering us. We hear more traffic than bird song, we see more mental struggle than love, belonging, and kindness, and food has become more sensationalised rather than giving us nutrients required for growth, repair and maintenance in the body.

As part of our offering at Menteath, we want to empower people to listen in nature, learn from our plants attar, their function in skincare and health, and reconnection with our ancestral relationship with fire and wood. We bring learnings from different cultures around the world that still hold traditions and rituals that promote health and wellbeing with an inside out approach, and who still rely on tribal social instincts.

At Menteath, our skincare routines are simple. We combine potent and high quality oils, butters and water for healthy skin regeneration. It is simple - when we feel good, we look good, and we are open to others.

Written by our founder and maker,

Felicity Stuart-Menteath

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