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Award Winning Smoke Infused Neuro-Skincare, Scent & Wellbeing

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Reconnecting our relationship with fire, wood, and tribe.

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Menteath, smoke-infused skincare, a new type of beauty brand, taking the industry by storm; more and more people now understand that true well-being starts with what's on the inside.

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Behind the Scenes at Menteath

Being Outside
Being Outside

Growing up in a little farming village has meant that I am better placed in quiet places with less people.

The outdoors has always been my therapy and my fitness. I love the feeling of exhaustion when you have walked for miles on end with only your legs to carry you, and I love saying hello to everyone as you pass, and having that well-deserved meal at the end.

There is something special about walking and how it brings about community and togetherness with a great view.

I have always found it an amazing cure for loneliness, as well as an opportunity to look in and reflect.

The Farm
The Farm

The farm is where the magic happens.

I am a proud vegan but I also believe in a humane economy. My Dad, who comes from a New Zealand farming family, has created two vegan daughters which has been a joke at the dinner table for years.

If we want to continue to eat meat then smallholdings need to be better supported and used locally. Each animal needs to be cared for, loved and respected, which is just what we try to do on the farm.

To find out more about the farm click to watch the Farmer's Country Showdown on BBC

Watch Farmer's Country Showdown
Culture & Beauty
Culture & Beauty

From an early age I started my humanitarian journey.

Working abroad, I discovered a different kind of beauty that isn't tied to narrow conventions or appearances. Beauty is an expression of the soul, nurtured through love and connection with ourselves and those around us. It's only when we are joyful within that this happiness translates into our outward appearance - which is exactly why Menteath exists.

Nature & Medicine
Nature & Medicine

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Mind, Body, & Soul at The Grain Store Lewes


Absolutely otherworldly experience. Flick is a gem, her products are divine and her facials are magical. Can I give her 6 stars?


By far the best facial experience ever, made all the more special by the unique products and relaxing demeanour of Flick and her magic hands! The products are worth a try for the scent alone, I think I have finally found the perfect cleanser for my skin which is a pleasure to use each evening. I will be back!!


Had an amazing Lewesian facial at the weekend. Made my skin feel hydrated and plump, not to mention feeling super relaxed.
Felicity is a warm and friendly facial specialist who went above and beyond just a normal facial by incorporating facial sculpture and shoulder massage. 10/10 recommend!
Also, would recommend the wild eye night serum, it smells and feels amazing on your under eyes.


Scorched Earth - Hydrate face oil (Sandalwood, Juniper & Rosewood).
Ok, this is now officially my new love... Oh, my word. It's like a hug around a campfire in a bottle. Beautiful. 😌🔥
Thank you Flick!


Just had the most blissful facial in the Menteath studios and floated out of there with glowing skin! Cannot recommend the experience enough - Felicity is so knowledgeable about her products and what will work for your skin type and the treatments are comforting and nourishing.


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